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How to Apply

Undergraduate-Application Requirements

i)    Applicants under Direct Entry Scheme
The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), in collaboration with University Institutions, National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and other higher education institutions in the country has established a Central Admission System (CAS) which will be operational starting with the 2010/2011 admissions.

Applicants with direct qualifications i.e. those who have completed A-level secondary education (Form VI), will have to apply through the Central Admission System as advertised by the TCU.

ii)    Applicants under Equivalent Qualifications
Under this scheme applicants will continue lodging their applications with the University of Dar es Salaam. All University of Dar es Salaam undergraduate degree programmes are advertised in the local media (newspapers) and on the University website.  All applications are submitted by filling the requisite application forms and not in the form of letters.  Applicants are urged to apply after the programmes have been advertised and not before. Applicants are advised to obtain Application Forms and Instructions to Applicants from the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies through the following address:

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application forms and Instructions to Applicants can also be obtained at the offices of the Regional Education Officers in Mainland Tanzania, and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education for Zanzibar, or can be downloaded from the University website at

When filling the application forms, applicants must:

(i)    Carefully read the accompanying ‘Instructions to Applicants’ before attempting to fill the forms.
(ii)    Give full particulars of citizenship (including a copy of the birth certificate) and enclosing photocopies of “O” level and equivalent qualifications (diploma) Certificates. Applicants with diploma qualifications obtained outside the country must submit a translation by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) indicating equivalent grades to Tanzanian ones. This is in addition to submission of the original grades.
(iii)    Pay a non-refundable application fee of T.Shs. 20,000/= for Tanzanians and USD 45 for Non-Tanzanians. Applications without the required application fee will not be processed. Applicants must ascertain themselves that they possess the minimum entrance qualifications before they pay the fees as the fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.
(iv)     Deposit all fees into the University of Dar es Salaam NBC Bank Account number 040103001709 (UDSM branch) OR CRDB Account number 01J088967000 (UDSM Branch) and submit the original pay-in slip together with the application forms.  For those using telegraphic transfer the Swift Code is NLCBTZTX. For NBC Bank and CORUTZTZ for CRDB Bank.

iii)    Applicants under Mature Age Entry Scheme
In order to give opportunity to exceptionally well qualified Tanzania candidates who wish to study for a fist degree of the University of Dar es Salaam but do not posses qualifications which satisfy the University’s Direct Entry Requirements, the University of dare s salaam offers an alternative method of entry by the mature Age Scheme for persons who satisfy the following conditions.

(i)    Candidates must be 25 years of age or older on 1st August of the year in which admission is sought;

(ii)   Candidates should have attempted the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination and obtained at least 3 credits in approved subjects or completed Form VI, at least 5 years before 1st August of the year in which admission is sought;

(iii)    Candidates should be able to show: -
•    That they have attended extra-mural classes or residential courses in which case a recommendation from the extra-mural class tutors will be necessary. 
•    That they have attended a residential course at any Adult Education Institute, in which case recommendations from the institute attended will be necessary. 
•    That they can obtain from a person acceptable to the University a recommendation that they are qualified to benefit from university education.

(iv)    No candidate who has previously attended one of the former Colleges of the University of East Africa or this University shall be readmitted to the University under these regulations to a course for which he/she failed to qualify during previous attendance, unless the candidate produces evidence of further study satisfactory to the University; and

(v)    If, in the opinion of the University, candidates have complied successfully with conditions (i) to (iv) above, they will be required to take a Special Entrance Examination.

(vi)    Non Tanzanians are not eligible for mature age entry scheme.  

Candidates who comply with condition 1(i) to (v) above may be admitted to the University of Dar es Salaam.



  • Requirements
Applicants are required to submit copies of certificates (including secondary school certificates), transcripts, names and address of referees, and applications fee.
Certificates obtained from non-recognized Universities and institutions of higher learning shall be subject to approval by the Higher Education Accreditation Council of Tanzania
  • Application Deadline
Application deadline is 31 st March for the 1 st Semester Intake and 30 th November for the 2 nd Semester intake.
  • Application Form
Applicants are required to use Standard Application Form available on the Universirty, college or Departiment website.
Dully filled application form must be returned to the College/Departiment together with application fee as follows:
Tanzanian applicants-Application fee for Masters Students:T. Shs. 20,000
Foreign applicants-Application fee for Masters Students    :US $    30
Tanzanian applicants: Application fee for PhD Students    :T. Shs. 30,000
Foreign applicants: Application fee for Ph. D. Students     :US $    50

Registration will take place during the first two weeks of Semester I and Semester II for the respective intakes. Students seeking registration during the 3rd week shall be liable to a surcharge of 5,000/= per day. No student shall be registered after the 3rd week since the commencement of the semester.

First year candidates must submit the following documents at the time of registration:

  • Evidence of payment of the University Fees .
  • Copies and the originals of university/college transcripts and certificates; and secondary school certificates (Form 4 and 6) for Diplomas and professional certificates). Original certificates/transcripts will be returned to the candidate after physical verification.
  • Two stamp size photographs .
  • Evidence of release from employer (if employed).
  • Evidence of sponsorship or ability to self support.

Candidates shall be required to register at the beginning of the first year of their studies using forms UDSM/PG.F3 and PG.F4a for thesis, and UDSM/PG.F4b for course-work. Registration Forms are available at the Postgraduate Office and on the website.

Candidates must renew their registration at the beginning of every subsequent year by submitting a dully filled form (UDSM/PG.F5) and paying the required fees.

Failure to renew registration shall mean automatic discontinuation from studies.

Students Names

Students shall be registered by names appearing on their certificates. Students will not be allowed to change their names during the course of study at the University.

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